Monday, November 26, 2012


                "So what are you working on?"
 The usual question we writers hear. For many of us, we have too many projects started, abandoned, germinating, & planned. Procrastination takes hold of the reins on many days. So maybe the proper question would be "what are you ACTIVELY working on?"
 For me to answer that question, i will wade past all the started, abandoned, germinating and planned, etc. I am actively working on the next book in the DESDINOVA series. It will be titled NO ONE LEFT TO DIE, and will tell the story about Dixie's background in West-byGod-Virginia, and beyond. Of course Uncle Mace has a starring role.
 As well, I want to start writing some of the short story ideas I have in the STORY JAR. They shouldn't take up too much time, and they are very satisfying. I can post them on Amazon to keep my presence fresh as i write them.
 So... What are you all working on?  


Any other writers out there want to post links to their websites or blogs? Please do so in comments section! We writers have to stick together...

Friday, November 23, 2012


November 22-26
5 short stories available for free from Amazon.


                      All roads lead to Louisiana...

Dana Ricks never knew her mother, but her father was legend in the trucking world. She spends her life following down his tales driving her own rig down those same dark roads. Until her world is rendered by nationwide terrorism and she rises to the challenge, just as her father would have done.

"If your daddy was alive, maybe you'd have figured out what kind of man he was by now, and stop living in dreams."

Her notion of family is destroyed and she has to find a way to come to terms with a dangerous world, and the dangers rising in her own mind.

"Your dad's eyes shone with an unholy light and I liked that. I was all for a bit of trouble. I bought him a beer and I brought him home... but I've often wondered if it was the devil himself I rescued..."

She runs the road in a state of exhaustion trying to live up to her father's reputation, and ends up creating one of her own. She rises from her own explosive circumstances to discover a family she never knew she had, and that life on the road is only bearable if you had a home to come back to.

"That swamp rat paddled himself right out of a backwater swamp in a leaky canoe. He dragged himself up on the muddy banks of the Mississippi... and there you were bundled up into his shirt, baptized in swamp water. His own kin chased him right out of there, threatening to feed you to the gators."

In the end, she finds that she was only chasing down her own self after all, and she had what she needed all along.

Relationships heal with an embittered country, and life goes on in Goodwill, Georgia.

DESDINOVA by Shayla Kwiatkowski
ebook available download now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Copia, Gardner's, Baker & Taylor, & eBookPie-- or download to computer.
Read the first chapters for free on Amazon.
Other short stories available on Amazon.



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