Monday, November 26, 2012


                "So what are you working on?"
 The usual question we writers hear. For many of us, we have too many projects started, abandoned, germinating, & planned. Procrastination takes hold of the reins on many days. So maybe the proper question would be "what are you ACTIVELY working on?"
 For me to answer that question, i will wade past all the started, abandoned, germinating and planned, etc. I am actively working on the next book in the DESDINOVA series. It will be titled NO ONE LEFT TO DIE, and will tell the story about Dixie's background in West-byGod-Virginia, and beyond. Of course Uncle Mace has a starring role.
 As well, I want to start writing some of the short story ideas I have in the STORY JAR. They shouldn't take up too much time, and they are very satisfying. I can post them on Amazon to keep my presence fresh as i write them.
 So... What are you all working on?  

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