Friday, May 31, 2013


So this is my dream office. In case anyone was wondering. It is the Zentra Collection from Office Max. I like its clean lines. And the chair is so comfy. (They have it all set up at the local Office Max). Plenty of room for cats and teapots, and even me! Heck, I would be happy to even start with the main desk!
(The one shown is 3 pieces)

Monday, May 27, 2013


     YIKES!! Last night, Dragonfly (my mom's cat who used to be mine, but fell in love with my mom and follows at her heels), informed me that we have been feeding a very fat racoon on our back porch catfood, instead of the local stray Miss Bobbi Sue... Come to think of it, we haven't seen Bobbi Sue for awhile now...
     And in the middle of the night, my mighty warriors Hezekiah & Tallulah alerted me to the fact that there was a scorpion in my bedroom, not 3 feet from my bed!! OK, so I am not a happy person right now... have to declutter & bugspray my room today.. We have been so busy decluttering and downsizing that I haven't paid much attention to my own room. Yikes. I am skeered.
     And the deer ate my pansies about a week ago!
     Yes, I love Nature, but some of it needs to keep its distance from me or my personal space! Thank Goodness for our brave, strong cats!
     In the good news aisle, I now have my very own pet potted Foxglove!! And a healthy, happy potted herbs & mints garden.
The friendly side of Nature.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


   Okay, I have never been much of a doll person, besides being a Barbie freak when a little girl. When I was in kindergarden, the Cuban teenage girl neighbor gave me her Barbie collection, and I was so excited! At 13, I donated my collection to my neighbor girl and never looked back...
   Anyway, I am getting away from the point here- I have gotten lost in links of Barbies that have been re-painted & redesigned by artists, and I am in awe of their talent! This one caught my eye by D.K. Anderson at
Go on over & check out some of her other awesome creations!  I wish I could do something like this. What a neat way to give new life to old dolls!

Friday, May 24, 2013


 I am truly honored to be nominated for the Sunshine Award by my blogger friend Jaileen. Thanks mucho, Jaileen!
     And the rules for the Sunshine Award is to post the logo, thank the giver and link to their post (see above). Answer the 10 questions below, and nominate up to 10 other bloggers for the Sunshine award, letting them know in the comments section of their blog, & linking to their blogs. I am taking my time with this blogpost as I want to make sure I can nominate 10 worthy bloggers, and spread the love! (I will be updating this & adding more blogs within the next few days).
     Anyway, here are the questions:
1. Favorite color?
    All of them. All together. I love colors.
2. Favorite animal?
     =^.^= Cats!! Always & Forever.
3. Favorite Number?
     I guess 13. Not crazy about numbers, math is not my best subject! I have a mental block when it comes to numbers, since my 3rd grade teacher used to paddle me every day 2 licks for not having the math homework I couldn't understand- instead of teaching me, or assigning someone to help me.
4. Non-Alcoholic drink?
     Water & TEA! I love black teas.
5. Alcoholic drink?
     Red wine. Occasional beer. No hard liquor.
6. Facebook or twitter?
     I don't twitter. I use Facebook only for my family.
7. Passions?
     (Whenever I can build up enough energy that is): writing, reading, my cats, gardening. I like road trips.
8. Giving or receiving?
     Giving, if I have it. I have Delisions of Minimalism, so I am not looking for more stuff, unless it is something I can use.
9. Favorite city?
     I still love St. Petersburg, Florida. To refine that would be St. Pete Beach, Florida.
10. Favorite TV show?
     Not much of a TV person, but I do like Netflix. The shows I have enjoyed are: Dark Shadows, Bewitched, The Addams Family, The Glades, Miami Vice, CSI Miami, Dexter, Will & Grace, The Gates, Hemlock Grove.
          And I want to nominate these very worthy blogs:
          The Queen of Steampunk author Rae Gee!
          New & multi-talented author Noelle Macleod
          animal activist, cat rescue, & good friend Tara Rose

Thursday, May 23, 2013



Doing a search and found these fantabulous Stevie Nicks dolls! The artist uses Barbie's or other dolls, and repaints and designs them as celebrities. They are awesome! Check out Laurie Everton's site here.
     And here is a random beautiful doll photo I came across. I don't know who to give credit to, but enjoy!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Last night my mighty warrior cat, Hezekiah woke me. He is part Siamese, even tho he is full grey, and he "talks". So I go out to inspect, and see a huge black scorpion smack dab in the middle of the kitchen floor! He was all battlestations and ready to fight, too! Hezzie was circling him, and I was yelling, "NO!NO!"- the other cats came running, so I quickly grabbed a paper towel and scooped him up and flushed him away... I was worried about my brave mighty hunter Hezzie, but he seemed unharmed. I gave him the last kitty treat for his valor, and all the praise I could muster at dark-thirty a.m....
     So I told Mom this morning, and she laughed it off and said that she can tell me from experience, a Georgia scorpion bite won't hurt you (having been stung before). Well, he sure was doing a good job of scaring me to death! I HATE those things! What if we'd stepped on it barefoot? What if it had stung my cats? What if Hez had caught it and carried it to my bed as a gift? (LaLaLa not thinking, destroy that thought! Lalalalala!!...)
   Good job, Hezekiah!!

Monday, May 20, 2013


     Sure is interesting looking for a new home. Everyone you see, you imagine yourself living in it, mentally arranging your furniture, & figuring out which room will be yours...
     The first one we looked at, I call the "Shell Palace" -- it had pale pink tile on every floor throughout the place. And light pink/apricot walls. It was beautiful! It was like being in a seashell. It had a back porch where I could have had some potted plants. But it was an apartment, and really too small.
     The house we saw yesterday was awesome! It had foxgloves in the front garden, so of course, I dubbed it "Foxglove Manor"! I hope we get this one. For anyone that knows me, I have been fascinated with foxgloves for a while now, and to me, it is a sign! The extras include, swing on front porch, gas fireplace, huge back deck for potted plants (yup, that's me!), a fig tree, camellias, azaleas, roses, and oh yeah, FOXGLOVES! It is in a country area, and perfect for us..
     Stay tuned for the saga of the home search...

Saturday, May 18, 2013


     Hmm, I bet you are wondering where I crept off to... Well, FYI, we are looking for another place to live. The move is on, somewhere local, same geographic area. Good grief, there is alot to do, for downsizing.. But it is time to move on, and I am kind of excited. I do have to get my plants and pots in order, figure out what I want to take with me. I want to get a few pots of the delightful birdsfoot violets, too. I planted the wisteria I grew from seed yesterday in the woods. I have planted this place up a lot, and it has been a pleasure. I hope whoever has it next enjoys it, and realizes what they have garden-wise. I also hope everything grows and flourishes, even if I never see it again.. I did it for Mother Nature after all...

Sunday, May 12, 2013


     Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, and to my own, the prettiest flower in the garden!

     (PS- The flag counter doesn't work!)

Thursday, May 9, 2013


     I have fallen in love with birdsfoot violets! They grow wild around here and love dry rocky soil and disturbed areas. They grow like crazy on banks on the side of the roads. There are some not far from where I live and I have made a project of transplanting them into areas of my yard that I think they will be happy in. Then I made the mistake of researching online and supposedly they do not transplant well. Well I am here to tell you that they DO transplant well- they just need alot of water. With my first batch, they were wilting, but then we had 2 days of rain and they perked right up! So I will continue with my transplanting. I had never seen these before. I always have loved violets, but these just tickle me to see them all over the place around here! They have a spread that is unbelievable. The whole side of a hill or bank will just be covered in blue. Hope you enjoy them too!


Monday, May 6, 2013


     Well, the busy-ness of April is done. Sometime in there I had a brainstorm for a story idea that would combine quite a few of my story ideas, and scribbles. I was so thrilled, that I took a break to look thru the files of ideas and scrap papers...
     Sigh. While I did manage to dig out quite a bit, there is alot in there that really needs to be culled. I have no clue what they are about! I can't even read some of them. The last time I cleaned files, i wonder why I kept them? There must have been some redeeming quality. But it is time to go thru them and dump all I can. I have so many bona-fide story ideas, that I will spend the rest of my life writing. (But that's a good thing, right?)
     Anyway, that is the project I am working on now. My delusions of minimalism insist that I get rid of unecessary papers. And now I need to keep working on NO ONE LEFT TO DIE, and get it finished.
     Yeah, I know, the whole world awaits my next novel with bated breath... (*sarcasm*) -But I will be happy to have it done, so it will be "out there", and then I can work on the next one! YAY!

Sunday, May 5, 2013


     Hey ya'll-
Today I added a nifty handy dandy flag counter at the bottom of the page. I have gotten hits from way cool places, (like:
USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belarus, China, Indonesia, Ireland, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, Canada, India, Malaysia, Spain, Russia, Iceland, Brazil, Cuba, South Africa..) -- so I decided to add the cool flag counter I came across in searching other people's blogs.

     Thank you all for visiting and come again soon!
     If you would like a flag counter of your very own, visit It is super easy!
     Have a superfantabulous day, ya'll...

Saturday, May 4, 2013


                    POET"S CAULDRON

Poets write about themselves
They write about their dreams
And then they write about a world
that isn't as it seems.
They mix a little magic
They add a few more tears
And then they have a work of heart
That defies the truth of years.
  --Shayla Kwiatkowski, 1987

Thursday, May 2, 2013



The years fly by
And deeds are done
A life has needs to mend;
Sometimes a runner has to slow
To replan and begin again.
  --Shayla Kwiatkowski, 1987

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


     Well today I am supposed to announce the winner of the DESDINOVA contest - but nobody entered! So I will donate it to a library.. I have noticed more sales of DESDINOVA, so a big THANK YOU to all who bought it.
     It is also my beloved cousin's birthday today, my best friend thru life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, cuz!
     A good friend just had her novella published and it is pretty darn good! Here is the link to Since September by Noelle MacLeod. Here is a link to her blog. Great work, Noelle!!
     Don't let me forget my friend ("The Queen of Steampunk") Rae Gee's new book Selling Mars. It is the second in her Steampunk Series. Check her out here and here. Congrats, Rae!
     Anyway, thanks to all in the A-Z blogfest -- if anyone knows of any more blogfests, please let me know, ok? And thanks to all who followed and visited my blog. I have discovered a lot of good blogs on this challenge.
     And thanks to my new pals at Camp NanoWrimo. Hope to see ya in next camp!
     Happy May Day to all.