Wednesday, January 30, 2013


SORRY for the delay in posting. I am in the middle of moving yet again-- back to my beloved FLORIDA! So I have been packing & washing things, and otherwise discombobulated.. Stay tuned for more excitement to come! As I sit here right now, we are having a thunderstorm (guess I better get offline, huh). But soon enough I will be in Florida sunshine, & back to the beach! Florida is my very favoritest environment! YAY!

Friday, January 25, 2013


               GEEK SQUAD
     We called him "the mad scientist" in high school.
     Now he runs a meth lab. And he really WAS a mad scientist. He was responsible for a whole slew of designer drugs. Now it seemed he had one more.
     "The Mother of all designer drugs!" he crowed, pushing his glasses back up on his nose before they slid off. His longish hair stuck out in all directions. Who could afford to worry about grooming, when there was so much fun to be had in the laboratory?
     "So listen," he continued arbitrarily, "If you could choose to enhance one of your senses, and eliminate another -- which would you choose?" He had a very disturbing glint in his eyes.
     "Um... That was random. Seriously?" I asked.
     Dude's been drinking his own kool aid.
     "Yeah, buddy, seriously!"
     I spaced out, watching spittle spew from his lips as he went into some story about super mutant races or something. He's been reading too many comic books.
     "Um..." I tried to rack my brain and think of something to impress him with. I wanted him to think kindly of me as he was my supplier.
     "OK, how about, um, I don't need smell, right? And how about enhanced hearing? It'd be good for eavesdropping."
     "Are you sure?" he asked quietly.
     "Uh, I guess, why?"
     "No reason," was the last thing i heard...
     Until I woke up feeling nauseated. There was a hellacious buzzing in my ears that was really annoying me. I tried to sit up, but my equilibrium seemed off. I threw up.
     "Hey, hold on, buddy!" boomed The Geek.
     I put my hands up to cover my ears, and found they were stuffed with cotton. I took one out gingerly, and my head nearly exploded with the ringing of a huge ass bell. I crammed the cotton back in, remembering the grade school a few blocks away. I could tell recess was over, the buzz abated as they re-entered the school.
     He was standing there looking all proud of himself, rocking back and forth on his heels.
     "You didn't..." I started. "You couldn't..."
     He nodded happily. "I did! And because you are my very best customer, you had a choice! And now I'm gonna reward you -- I'll give you all the drugs you want, and in return, you'll peddle these little assorted packages of my new designer drugs. It'll be interesting to see the results!"
     His glee broke through and he rang triumphant. "I AM A GOD!" he roared. Literally.
     I cringed. I snatched up the packages and weaved unsteadily to my car.
     Hey, watch out for the... dogshit," he cautioned, a bit too late.
     I looked down at my feet, encased in a huge pile of steaming glop.
     Funny, it didn't smell.
  --Shayla Kwiatkowski, 2013
     --This is another little fun story written for a Writer's Digest prompt. The prompt was that a mad scientist asks which of the 5 senses you would choose to enhance or delete. You didn't have a choice to refuse but you got a choice.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


     I just finished a very good ebook that was on my wishlist & became free.
     The Prolific Writer: A minimalists guide to prolific writing by Ethan Miller.
     Unlike other books on writing, this one is concise & to the point -- and not full of "filler" that clouds the issue. It is immediately accessible and a quick read.
     I MUST CHOOSE TO WRITE! There is a saying, attributed to award winning author Jane Yolen: B.I.C. (BUTT IN CHAIR!!
     Anyway that is the main idea. I know I have a problem with procrastination. I also feel I need to have the "perfect atmosphere" or writing area. I'd love to be able to have a glass of wine, incense, candles, my cats, good music low in background, & good paper & pen. I know I am silly, but I also like to have a seashell to remind me of my beloved Florida.
     But this ebook came up with the very good idea to make my notebook my personal space.
     Since I do like to write in composition books, this is a great idea. I have a composition book for spur-of-the-moment writing (blogposts, short stories, poems, songs) & one for each of the 2 novels I am working on. 
     The past few days I have been doing pretty good at writing. I've actually been getting things done. I also like the idea of timed writing, and will try that.
     The next thing I want to try is to take my notebook & move around to write in different places. For me, the key to prolific writing would be able to write anywhere under any condition. 
     I have found that I am a pretty fast & focused writer once I actually get started.
     Can I get a holla?   

Monday, January 21, 2013


     Well, I've dug out some of my old CDs to play & I've been enjoying it mucho.  Right now I am playing Cat stevens- Buddah & the Chocolate Box. It makes me smile. When I was 13, I played it constantly. IT WAS MY FIRST LP! I was so proud of it, I had a "real" rock album! I felt so connected to it (still do). Oh Very Young & King of Trees still have a deep cellular response in me.

     "Oh very young, what will you leave us this time?
      You're only dancing on this earth a short while..."

     Does anyone else remember what a big deal LPs were? When you listened o the whole thing through until it became a cohesive piece of work & never sounded quite right piecemeal? Some music only sounds best to me on LPs and this is one of them. Though i have it on CD (because I cannot live without it), I also still have it & always will on LP. This is one of the treasures shining in my Delusions of Minimalism DragonPile of treasures. What's in your DragonHoard, that you will never give up?
     CAT STEVENS-- wherever you are today-- I still love your music. Thank you for enriching my life & guiding me with your beautiful music at a formative time when I could have been led astray. I wish you all the blessings of the universe.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


               SERENITY PRAYER
     I hadn't had a drink in nearly 10 years...
     Highschool. A time of secrets and intrigue. A microcosm of screaming hormones mixed with illicit relationships and illegal substances.
     I don't remember it much. You know the saying they usually attribute to the 60's and 70's... "If you remember it, then you weren't there." Well, I'm told I was there. I became the stuff of high school legend. But now, it's like hearing about someone else. An old tale I recognize...
     But it's not me.
     I am a recovering alcoholic. I cannot change the past. I can only be responsible for one day at a time. I was doing pretty good, until my friend reminded me about our 10th highschool reunion.
     No, I cannot change the past. But I decided to attempt to change the way people remember me. I can't be the only one who's ever been ashamed of their teenaged self.
     So there I went, dressed responsibly, a 28 year old semi-professional something or other. Just the fact that I could hold down a job is something, right? No matter if I can't actually explain what I do.
     Who cares, right?
     Well. That was last night. That was until I met up with my old cohorts, reminiscing about the good old days. That was before somebody passed around the proverbial bottle, and drenched in the past, I took a sip. Then another.
     And woke up naked in the middle of the football field, clothes strewn all around me.
     Hindsight is 20/20. I never should have gone.
     If only I could remember where I left my pants.
--Shayla Kwiatkowski, 2013

     This is a short story I wrote for a Writer's Digest prompt. The premise is a recovering alcoholic falls off the wagon at a high school reunion. The starting & closing sentences are as written. Just a little fun thing.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


               On January 29, 1983, Stevie Nicks married Kim Anderson, her longtime friend. Jane of the Go-Go's wrote this poem to Stevie as an inscription on her wedding present and Stevie wanted to share this with her fans.

**To Stevie**                                 1-29-83

          I met a sad princess
          with a beauty so rare
          the voice of an angel
          and long golden hair
          She said, "I have jewels
          fine gowns and gloves
          But my life is empty
          For I've no one to love"

          A wandering prince
          from somewhere afar
          looked for his love
          in his dreams and the stars
          "the voice of an angel
          she'll have," he did say
          he'd bring her joy
          turn her night into day

          One morn on his journey
          He heard a sweet sound
          his heart told him follow
          And she would be found
          Then he saw her and knew
          That here was the one
          With the voice of an angel
          his search was done.
                    **Love, Jane**

**(I found this blast from the past when I was going thru old papers. It is on parchment and written in beautiful calligraphy. I claim no rights or copyright to this. I am just sharing it with Stevie's fans in the spirit that she wished.
I do claim to be a lifelong Stevie fan. I hope you all enjoy this and feel the magic.-- Shayla)**

Sunday, January 13, 2013


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                               January 15-19


Well here is a song I wrote, that I came across in all my digging thru old papers.

               LATE IN THE GAME

That's not the face I loved
set in frozen lines & disapproving glare
Your heart has flown away
& I cant imagine where
We used to share such joy
& basic love of life
Now we live in separate boxes
of complicated lives

     I wonder what might have changed
     I wonder if you'll stay
     I wonder if it's worth it
     Well it's late in the game

Too much time has passed
to walk away unscathed
Are there any pieces left to gather
or is it all a waste
But tomorrow the sun will shine
I know as I stand here
Whether you will see my face or back
it's all still so unclear

The path of least resistance
is always the easy way
But where reluctant feet will lead us
what words are left to say
For good or bad the choice is ours
it's time for a fresh start
My mind cries out for one thing
but I'm breathing through my heart

     I wonder what might have changed
     I wonder if I'll stay
     I wonder if it's worth it
     Well it's late in the game
     I wonder what might have changed
     I wonder if you'll stay
     I wonder if it's worth it
     Well it's too late in the game
     It's late in the game
     It's too late in the game
     Well it's too late in the game.

          -- Shayla Kwiatkowski, 2007

Saturday, January 12, 2013


               IF I WERE

If I were beloved
by the very sands of time
If I were an odyssey
and all the world were mine
If I could love forever
and abundance were my due
If I could offer just one heart
I'd give it all to you.
   ---Shayla Kwiatkowski, 2013

--this was a fun little quickie written for the Writer's Digest poetry promt game: 205. The prompt was "If I were". I changed one word from what I submitted.

Friday, January 11, 2013


               DRUID'S NIGHT

Oh Grandfather Oak
Please teach me to dance
to the far away music
of a player's proud stance.
The murmurs of Druids
who worshipped your life
stored generations of power
that waits for this night.
I call you: come down!
my needs are more than I've known
place my feet on the path
with the way clearly shown.
     -- Shayla Kwiatkowski, 1987

Wednesday, January 9, 2013



You see me
As you want to see me
A single strand of the wind
Bound & delivered
in a demon's dream.
You watch me
As I blow in different directions
To protect myself,
Try to collect myself.
You say we are too much alike,
Refuse to hold me down
As I'm lifted & carried away.
You say I could never stay in one place
And you turn away
Without even seeing
That you held me in your hand.
     -- Shayla Kwiatkowski, 1987

Monday, January 7, 2013



Shadows in the cellar
Ghosts within the gloom
Some will try to claim me
If I stay within this room.
The lights will blind me if I leave
And as I try to hide
The daemons of the daytime
Are waiting for a ride.
Choose between the dark & light
As we all have to do
I'll settle into darkness
And ghostly shades of blue.
     -- Shayla Kwiatkowski,, 1990

Saturday, January 5, 2013



Runes of darkness
Runes of night
Show the way
Give birth to light.
Hold strong, Querant:
Face your foes
Protected paths
The cards will show.
Crystal gazers
Know full well
Smoky visions
Dreams to tell.
Soul for soul
Collector's might
Wizards power
Second sight.
Sticks are thrown
And questions asked
And lives long past.
     -- Shayla Kwiatkowski, 1990

Thursday, January 3, 2013


               DARK STARS

Black stars
Give birth to light
Black hearts
Give birth to life
Dark nights
Bring forth days
Dark souls
Turn away.
     -- Shayla Kwiatkowski, 1990

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


   I am so embarressed. Here I am so proud of myself for paring down & being more minimalistic. And then I come across a stash of old papers & stuff from the 80's!! That is almost 30 years old! Dusty, crumbling stupid papers from a time before modern technology made it easier for us. And a huge pile of old bills & receipts!  As well as old taxes-- we are only required to keep as far back as 7 years. I seriously thought I had got rid of all my old stuff like that. I really don't have that much now, and glad of it. But it just goes to show that you can always trip over your own delusions.
   Something else that is going, are these old foreign language courses. I have had some since the 80's, & if I haven't learned from them by now, then what is the use of carrying them around. Not to mention-- and this is embarressing as well-- some are CASSETTE courses!! I don't even have a cassette player anymore!
   Well there is a load of stuff to go to junk store tomorrow. And I will be going through everything again, to make sure I don't have anything else lurking in there. My goal is to get as paperless as I can. That is hard for a writer who has scribbles on all sorts of scrap papers, but I have done a pretty good job of getting all that in order, too.
   Seems like you have this stuff around so long that you don't even see it anymore. My goal is to handprint every single thing that I own, and if I don't use it-- it is gone. I don't need to keep things for "one day", or wishfulness. We only have one life to live, and it is the one we are living day to day.
   One of my favorite mottos is: USE WHAT YOU HAVE.
That goes for toiletries, clothes, cleaning products, etc. I guess I better go. I have to police my stuff...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


               THE GLOAMING

Timeless, ageless
Surrounding calm
Restless angels
Building storm.
Faeries laughing
The earth-winds call
Starlite beckons
Promising all.
Sage-blue mountains
Tales to tell
Dreamscape images
That I know well.
Haunting wind-songs
Surrounding calm --
Timeless, ageless
Haunting pall.
     --Shayla Kwiatkowski, 1987