Friday, September 13, 2013


Time to celebrate the small things. This is a bloghop.
     GOOD NEWS ALL!!! The Augnowrimo Anthology is available on Amazon right now, that includes my short story Royalty.. The link is here. I am so excited about this!
     Also I would like to celebrate that I am finally getting some of my spraypainting metal lawn furniture done. After waiting all year for cooler weather. Soon I will be out of spraypaint tho, and will have to continue when I get more colors. But at least the project is started and is not overwhelming me. Ya know, it is surprisingly easy and takes so little time. What is the use of procrastinating such a little job? Causes more stress than the job takes.
     Anyway, hope you all have many Celebrations this week!
And to all my writer pals- HAPPY WRITING!!


  1. YaY!! I'll pop on over and pick up a copy.

    It's good to get projects out of the way. It makes me crazy when something hanging over my head for too long.

  2. Oooh that sounds like a fun project! I agree procrastination does cause more stress... and yet we do it all the same lol

    Congrats on your short story being part of the anthology!

  3. It's funny how we're like that - just cause ourselves so much unnecessary stress! Good for you for getting on with it. It sounds like a fun project too. Would love to see pics on the finished product. Writer’s Mark

  4. Congratulations! I bet it must feel great to have your story out there. Good-luck with the spray painting of the rest of your outdoor furniture.

  5. YAY to the anthology being out and good luck with the rest of your painting task!

  6. I'm looking forward to reading your story in the anthology, but I will have to be patient and wait until I have some money again! Too many big cross-country moves the past few months! But I won't forget to get my copy once I'm settled back home and working... *hugs* proud of you for accomplishing so much!!

    1. I really enjoyed reading all the stories in the Anthology. I consider it a good buy-- it is a huge book!


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