Sunday, October 13, 2013


Time to celebrate the small things. This is a bloghop.
     Hello all, I am back again- okay, so I am a day late!! I honestly thought about writing a post yesterday but yes, I am still battling with cutting this overgrown grass. I have an old weedwhacker that only holds a 10 minute charge at a time (for which it takes hours to charge). Yeah, try that on 2 acres... BUT I want to celebrate that at least I am getting somewhere with it! Also I want to celebrate that I have most of my cuttings in the ground now, except for the few that haven't rooted yet... I have the houseplants brought in for the winter...
     I want to celebrate Autumn, too. How beautiful it is. The cicadas aren't nearly as loud in the woods, just an undertone. The crows are cawing, the sun dapples through the trees- which are losing their color turning leaves. Pretty. I sure love the cooler weather too. But it is starting to freak me out to turn the heat on at night! Allergy pills are my best friends right now...
     I am writing for GothNo still. I didn't prepare as much as I wanted, so I took a few days off to work on character sheets,  story line, & just regular brainstorming. Success!
     Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone of you, & that you are in good health (I'm talking to you, Jaileen!!).
     For your entertainment, here is a picture I took of mom's Persian kitty Angel. (I call her Jellybeans). (anGEL = JELLybeans: get it??) I need to give her another haircut , her hair is growing again... She looks fluffy now, but it is nowhere near the monstrous size she will be if it grows out all the way. She is more comfortable with her cut, and looks adorable!
     Happy day all...

(UPDATE: How did it become Sunday? I thought it was only Saturday? Wow, I have been alone too long here. I am 2 days late, I guess. OOPS mybad, ya'll...)


  1. That's happened to me on numerous occasions, but at least you still posted. And that's a very cute picture of Angel the Jellybean. :)

    The more I hear of you folks liking Fall so much, the more I'm starting to sway toward this season... Not! Okay, I see the thrill of getting to the season of holidays, but for me, there's nothing like sunshine! :) Enjoy your week. Writer’s Mark

    1. Angel "the" Jellybean - I like that! Fall is starting to lose its flavor for me right now... It still is my fav season besides spring, but my bones aren't a fan of wet and chilly. I don't like extremes in weather! ;)

  2. She looks exactly like one of my mom's cats, only hers is a boy. I've never heard of giving a cat a haircut!! :0
    I'm enjoying the cooler weather here in Canada now, too. Fall is the best time of year here... the trees are extraordinarily vibrant, unlike anything in the southern US!

    1. Oh she is a puffball if not cut and can't reach her butt to clean it. And it is too hot in the south in the summer. When I cut it, she struts around, she KNOWS she's got it going on!!!


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