Wednesday, November 6, 2013


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     Well hello there. I know I have been sporadic in my posts. I don't have internet access at the moment, and am at the library to use their free Wi-Fi.
     You know, I have been trying to get my ebook Desdinova available in print. But I got a nasty surprise when I tried to format for print. I have a crappy little computer, and I wouldn't be able to format it the way I want, so I am just going to hold off on that for awhile.
     I still have 3 WIPs. I was involved in GothNo but had to stop writing on the project due to being on the road and without internet. I have decided to just carry over that project for Nano in November. I will just be a rebel. As soon as I can set up again to write I will continue on that.
     You know, the most frustrating thing about writing to me, is that "real life" intrudes. Everything is so urgent these days. And before you know it, you are in another situation and state of mind entirely.
     However, I hope you all have happy inky trails to follow...


  1. It is amazing how life gets in the way. Not having the interweb is the worst. I hope to have mine by Saturday. The instructions on the modem involve higher brain power than I currently enjoy. I'm going to let my son hook it up.

    Happy inky trails.

  2. I just think that when the end of the year approaches we just get insanely busy, and balance as much as we want it gets more and more difficult. All I can say is hang in there and you'll get it done. And best of luck with NaNo :D

  3. Real life is very intrusive. Certain days I just hope I can hide from it, but I never hide for long. I hope you get to make the progress you want, really soon.

  4. Real life can be annoying like that.
    There are several people and sites listed at the new IWSG website that format print books. Maybe someone can help you.

  5. The Internet can be such a pain sometimes. Hope it starts working better for you soon!

  6. I know what you mean about real life interrupting your writing. I have had a lot of struggles with that for many years, and now is no different because I never know when someone is going to show up at the door here. Let's hope "real life" slows down and gets easier for us both soon. *hugs*

  7. HELLO hello hello! Thanks for sticking with me thru all this! Life has really dragged me by the toes this past month. Hope everyone has a good holiday!


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