Tuesday, December 11, 2012


   How do you express creativity in everyday life?
   As much as I try to focus on writing-- sometimes I just can't. On the one hand, i have daily life begging for attention, on the other, my brain starts running miles ahead of me (typical for us Capricorns). Let's face it, y'all, I have a veritable TON of stories to tell. I'm constantly writing on scraps of paper, ideas and notes on stories I have planned. Introducing: the STORY JAR-- titles of stories in the planning written on folded up paper placed in a jar. The idea is to pull a title out at random, go to the associated folder for the notes to that particular tale, and then whip out a short story. Sounds easy enough, right?
   But then-- add to that, working on another novel, starting a blog, planning a children's serial-- sometimes it's a quick creative fix I need to avoid pulling out my hair.
   The short stories are fun when they come together. Very satisfying. I have a hundred short stories I've never even published. I want to re-work them eventually.
   It is also satisfying to recognize creative moments in my everyday life-- from baking or cooking a meal, writing on my scraps of paper, planning a road trip, gardening, even cutting my own hair.
   Just slow me down, Lord...
   So-- how do YOU express creativity in YOUR everyday life??? Enquiring minds want to know!

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