Friday, December 21, 2012


This ia a blast from the past! I wrote it for my 7th grade English class, & of course my mother saved it. (Thanks, mom!). So here is just a little juvenile story of mine..


     Jill was born in West Virginia at the end of November. Her mother's name was Katie, and her dad's name is Bowser.
     When the litter was about two weeks old, katie got hit by a car and immediately killed. This incident happened on L_____ Road. She left a litter of about six puppies. My brother, ______ was supposed to bottlefeed them, but as you can guess, the job fell on me.
     When Daddy came to visit us from Maryland, he saw the puppies and thought they'd make a great gift for Aunt ____. He took the remaining two, and went back to Maryland.
     The remaining two were named Jack and Jill. Jack was white with some light brown spots, and Jill was light brown with white spots. aunt ____ loved them, and strived to make a good home for them.
     Sometime before Daddy arrived, Aunt ____ had bought a Siberian husky puppy named Blackie. He was black with some dark brown spots.
     The three pups had some peculiarities, too. They had to be rocked to sleep. And the neighbor lady couldn't barely feed her baby, because either Jack or Jill would steal the bottle.
     About a year ago, the three adorable pups caught distemper, which is equivalent to our polio. Aunt ____, Uncle ___, and dad tried to save them, but as luck would have it, the two males, Jack and Blackie died.
     If it wasn't for Jack, Jill wouldn't have been alive today, because every time they'd lay down to rest, he'd lay between the two. Blackie had it the worst, and Jack would not let Jill near Blackie at all.
     Jill is a really intelligent dog, and one day the dog catcher was chasing Jill, almost a year after the other two pups died. They were running around the house and Jill ducked into her doggie door. She peeped out to find the mystified dogcatcher still running around the house looking for her!
     Jill now lives happily at M_____ Court. She's treated equal to us, and we talk to her as if she were human. She still thinks about the only two males in her life, except for Charlie. Jack, her handsome young brother who died too early to find out how real life is, and Blackie, a friendly Siberian husky that they had learned to live with.

     --Well I got an "A" on it And yes, i did use blanks to protect the innocent, so to speak. Just came across this & thought I would share it with you. Please remember, this is a very juvenile story. :)

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