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Well hello there. I have so many projects going on now. But it feels good to be deep in them and not just thinking about it. I still have to re-edit Desdinova for print. Dang, I just need to DO IT! and be over it!
     I enjoyed July Camp Nano... I worked on a YA novel Southern Gothic. I still have a lot of work to do on it, but I am glad to have written all that I have-- it feels like something now, instead of just an idea.
     I am enrolled in AugNoWriMo now. For this camp, I decided to work on some short stories from the "story idea jars" and the files I have. I wanted to just have some of them DONE, and not clogging my files. Then I wrote one of the short stories, and hmmm, figured it would fit into a future novel idea perfectly.. And I had the brainflash that not every idea actually needs to be written up-- I need to work on the important things. The big projects.
     So I decided to just write the anthology story for AugNo, and go back to Southern Gothic. There is a list on the AugNo forum boards of all the different Camps thru the year, so I am thinking of just keeping on with them.
     I am looking forward to an October Camp for gothic novels. Got a fleshy idea for that one too!
     I am going to just state right here- that my goal for the next time IWSG rolls around- I will have Desdinova available in print.. Yikes, so I better get busy here!
     Happy inky trails to all my fellow writers!


  1. You are a busy, busy girl. You can do it.
    = )

  2. Thanks Jai, I certainly hope so! I get so impatient to have it all done though...

  3. At least you have time to write. I'm having WIP withdrawals! xD

    Great post. :)
    August co-host and IWSG #110

  4. Good luck. It sounds like you have a lot to get through this month. I did the July Camp NaNo, I didn't realize there was an August one going on too.

  5. Melissa, I'll be honest, I don't make the best use of my time. I spend a lot of time "being human". (Shameful, I know!)
    Jennifer: There are Camps about every month of the year! For August:

  6. That's a big goal! Best of luck! :-)


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