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I lifted this straight from an AugNo forum and re-posting this for my writer pals... Thanks to moderater Erin for all her hard work ferreting it out - the writing world is much obliged!!
            AugNo Post
"I know that everyone is absolutely in love with AugNo, but I also know that some people want to write with the company of other writers, so sparked by someone in the chat wanting to know about the other WriMos, I decided that I would post this list with all of the WriMos I [personally] know about. Feel free to add to the bottom if you know more!

National Novel Writing Year | | Known as WriYe.
This is the official [and permanent] home of the WriYe website, with a link to their forums. The goals are chosen by you and there are clubs for each goal groups, similar to AugNo. It's never too late to join WriYe and all of the words you've written this year [as long as they fit the rules] will count towards it. WriYe has a Twitter at .

National Novel Publishing Year | | Known as NaNoPubYe
There are various ways to mold PubYe into a way that's helpful for you. There are many different sections of the forums to work on query letters, synopses, writing, editing, and everything in between! The traditional PubYe Plan will have you submitting a class act novel within 12 months from the WriMo month that you write the novel during [traditionally: November].

Book-in-a-Week |
This happens the first week of each month! Write a book in a week!

January Novel Writing Month | | Known as JanNo
This is another smaller WriMo where you can set your own goals. The community is very close-knit on the JanNo forums.

Write Here, Right Now | | Known as WHRN
Another one I've never participate in, but the goal is 1k per day. In 2009, this was hosted over on the JanNo forums.

February Album Writing Month | | Known as FAWM
The goal is to write 14 complete songs [lyrics and music] within the month of February. The idea is that by the end of the month, you will have an album ready to record by the end of the month.

Interactive Fiction Writing Month | | Known as IF
Write a Chose You Own Adventure type-novel from 15 February - 15 March.

National Novel Editing Month | | Known as EdMo
Within the month of March, you're supposed to edit 50 hours on your novel.

April Fools | | Known as April Fools / AF
This is another choose your own goal WriMo. It has a word count system set up on its own server and you are awarded PIPs [small avatars] when you reach milestone word counts.

Script Frenzy | | Known as Screnzy
One of the official WriMos hosted by the Office of Letters and Light. The goal is to write 100 pages of a script within the month of April.

National Poetry Writing Month | Known as NaPoWriMo
Write a poem every day during the month of April.

May Novel Writing Month | | Known as MayNo
This WriMo didn't happen in 2008; it is yet unknown if it will be back in 2009.

Write a Damn Novel in June | | Known as WriDaNoJu
Similar to JulNo in July, this is a 50,000 word, NaNoWriMo inspired challenge to write a novel during the month of June.

Southern Cross Novel Challenge | | Known as SocNoc
Another 50,000 word challenge in June, sponsored by the Kiwi Writers.

Camp NaNo |
Write 50k in June.

July Novel Writing Month | | Known as JulNo
Next to AugNo, JulNo is by far the best WriMo around. It is rigidly structured after NaNo and thus, the goal is 50k for everyone.

The 50 Song Challenge | | Known as 50/90
Starting on 04 July and ending on 01 October, you have 90 days to write 50 songs. I don't know if that means music and lyrics or just lyrics, but whichever. It exists.

August Novel Writing Month | | Known as AugNo
Obviously, if you're reading this you know about AugNo, but I wanted to make an extensive and complete list. There is also a livejournal community at .

Camp NaNo |
Write 50k in August.

3-Day Novel Contest | | Known as 3-Day
Write, edit, and enter a novel [usually more of a novella, but come on... it's 3 days!] that was written completely over the Labor Day weekend! Downside: $50 entry fee. Upside: PRIZES! And good ones: 1st Prize: Publication [via Arsenal Pulp Press]
2nd Prize: $500
3rd Prize: $100

Gothic Novel Writing Month | | Known as GothNo
A month-long WriMo with a focus on Gothic Literature.

National Novel Writing Month | | Known as NaNo
The original WriMo -- 50k in one month! Chris Baty is to thank for pretty much this entire list.

National Solo Album Writing Month | | Known as NaSoAlMo
This is what the site says:
"An album qualifies for National Solo Album Month if you have written, played and recorded it entirely by yourself during the month of November. The only slack you get is that one song is allowed to be a cover, your own freshly-recorded version of another artist's song."
And the album needs to be no less than approximately 30 minutes long.

National Novel Finishing Month | | Known as FiMo
The goal of this WriMo is to add 30,000 new words to your NaNo Novel to make it a minimum of 80k, more the size of a novel, as opposed to a novella.

*wipes brow* That was looooong." 


  1. You girl friend are crazy ;)

    I like the wriye idea. Staying accountable really helps.

  2. Yes, that is true. I can't wait for the gothic October one!


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