Saturday, January 19, 2013


               On January 29, 1983, Stevie Nicks married Kim Anderson, her longtime friend. Jane of the Go-Go's wrote this poem to Stevie as an inscription on her wedding present and Stevie wanted to share this with her fans.

**To Stevie**                                 1-29-83

          I met a sad princess
          with a beauty so rare
          the voice of an angel
          and long golden hair
          She said, "I have jewels
          fine gowns and gloves
          But my life is empty
          For I've no one to love"

          A wandering prince
          from somewhere afar
          looked for his love
          in his dreams and the stars
          "the voice of an angel
          she'll have," he did say
          he'd bring her joy
          turn her night into day

          One morn on his journey
          He heard a sweet sound
          his heart told him follow
          And she would be found
          Then he saw her and knew
          That here was the one
          With the voice of an angel
          his search was done.
                    **Love, Jane**

**(I found this blast from the past when I was going thru old papers. It is on parchment and written in beautiful calligraphy. I claim no rights or copyright to this. I am just sharing it with Stevie's fans in the spirit that she wished.
I do claim to be a lifelong Stevie fan. I hope you all enjoy this and feel the magic.-- Shayla)**


  1. Very enchanting and beautiful...just in time for valentines! Thank you for sharing this little red velvet sentiment laced treasure, milady.

  2. I didn't know she was married!

  3. For a very short time, he was the husband of her very best friend Robin, who died of leukemia. They very quietly divorced.


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