Wednesday, January 2, 2013


   I am so embarressed. Here I am so proud of myself for paring down & being more minimalistic. And then I come across a stash of old papers & stuff from the 80's!! That is almost 30 years old! Dusty, crumbling stupid papers from a time before modern technology made it easier for us. And a huge pile of old bills & receipts!  As well as old taxes-- we are only required to keep as far back as 7 years. I seriously thought I had got rid of all my old stuff like that. I really don't have that much now, and glad of it. But it just goes to show that you can always trip over your own delusions.
   Something else that is going, are these old foreign language courses. I have had some since the 80's, & if I haven't learned from them by now, then what is the use of carrying them around. Not to mention-- and this is embarressing as well-- some are CASSETTE courses!! I don't even have a cassette player anymore!
   Well there is a load of stuff to go to junk store tomorrow. And I will be going through everything again, to make sure I don't have anything else lurking in there. My goal is to get as paperless as I can. That is hard for a writer who has scribbles on all sorts of scrap papers, but I have done a pretty good job of getting all that in order, too.
   Seems like you have this stuff around so long that you don't even see it anymore. My goal is to handprint every single thing that I own, and if I don't use it-- it is gone. I don't need to keep things for "one day", or wishfulness. We only have one life to live, and it is the one we are living day to day.
   One of my favorite mottos is: USE WHAT YOU HAVE.
That goes for toiletries, clothes, cleaning products, etc. I guess I better go. I have to police my stuff...


  1. Her best saying for this was "Pass the torch'. Oh, how I have held on forever to those items that represented a simpler and more real time. The sixties! Keep what you wont regret giving away whatever that may be. But when you bless someone else by passing the torch cause you want to make room for other things that need attention in your life or need to move on. It always comes back to ya in a good way! So Pass the torches for peace within you and around you.

  2. ABSOLUTELY! It makes it easier when I give things to family & those I love... Keeping the chain going...


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