Thursday, February 21, 2013


     Another Writer's Digest prompt.

               CUPID'S CLOWN

Chocolate, wine, and roses red
Satin sheets upon my bed
Romantic dim lit candle light
Again, alone, on such a night.

Laughter comes from all around
Here I sit like such a clown
I've almost gotten through this day
Tomorrow I won't know what to say.

Lonely is as lonely does
Though all around me smile and buzz
I smile as well, but not my eyes
I've known those lips, I've known those lies.

Oh well, I know it's just one day
I suppose after all, I'll be OK
Because you know I have my pride
I don't need anyone by my side.

So, wine and chocolate just for me
I'll find an interesting book to read
I hate the sound of turtledoves
I'm comfortable with this frozen love.
  --by Shayla Kwiatkowski

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