Friday, February 1, 2013


     It's always more than you think you have. I can't help laughing at myself. I have tried & tried to downsize. I know I would be able to haul everything in the van, but this little pickup? And that aggravates me. I don't want to have this much stuff that I can't get it in one load! And, truly, I don't have that much. There's not TOO many boxes by the door waiting to be loaded. I think it will be the miscellaneous stuff that will get me. I will just have to pack what I can loose around everything. Also I need to be tossing in the canned goods. So once I get moved to Florida, will come another serious evaluation. We are totally downsizing, so it will be a miracle to get through this. It just makes me nervous to think about whether or not I can fit everything of mine in this one load. Whay am i holding off on packing the truck you ask? (well someone must have! Or maybe it was my own inner voice). The answer is because it is supposed to get down to 25*F here tonight, uh huh. I don't want it to damage anything. Hopefully today I will get the Siren call to "come on down!" Until then- I will be putting things by the door & awaiting Fate's crooking finger..

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