Saturday, February 16, 2013


   Hey ya'll. Just wanted to stop by and send out a hi to everyone. I have been buried in a spate of writing lately-- trying to gear up for the A-Z challenge, and digging out and polishing up old stories. I even have been writing some more short stories (wrote one this morning & have another trying to spit its way out). I love being a writer. The internet makes it easier for us these days to have an outlet. If not self-publishing, then there's always the good old blog. I held off on doing a blog for the longest time, because I valued my privacy--- but have learned to love it for being able to post my work that otherwise would languish in file folders... That then frees me up to write more and ease the congestion of creativity. I feel that once I get all these stories in order, I can concentrate more on writing my novels. It is nice to have a plan and free flow in your creative juices. I wish that for you all as well.
   And how many of you are discovering other blogs with the
 A-Z coming up? I am sure enjoying the exploration.


  1. Hi! I'm one of Arlee Bird's Ambassadors for the Blog Challenge! I'm excited to see you're participating, and I'm really looking forward to reading your posts in April. :) Blessings on your preparation! By the way, you might want to remove your "Captcha" from your comment form before the Challenge, in order to make it easier for people to comment. If you feel concerned about security, just change your settings so you can moderate and approve all comments before they're published (that's what I do!). :) If you have any questions, feel free to email me at jaimie dot ramsey at cune dot org.

    1. THANKS for the suggestion! I think i have it removed now. I didn't even know there was one on there!


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