Saturday, February 2, 2013


     I am trying to ignore the FREAKY MASSIVE SNOWFALL today (I am thisclose to being in Florida!)- so I have been looking up different styles of "-Punk", since it seems to be all the rage now. Here is a VERY SIMPLISTIC GUIDE.

   SteamPunk is pretty popular. (Check out Award Winning Steampunk author Rae Gee).It's set in the Victorian Age & is a sci-fi world as imagined by Victorians - steampowered. (Think Jules Verne).
   DecoPunk is a sci-fi world set in the Art Deco period of the 20's.
   DieselPunk is a sci-fi world set in the 40's, between WWI & WWII.
   AtomPunk is set in a Mid-Century Modern sci-fi world in the 50's of the Atom Age paranoia, waiting for the Big One to fall. It has a lot of cool Mid-Century furniture styles that I grew up with & love.
   There's also ElfPunk(elves in an urban setting), which sounds cool.
   BioPunk (genetic modifications to humans).
   EcoPunk - eco-warriors, environmentalists.
   CyberPunk -the information age, rapid technological change & invasive modifications of humans. (I can't help but think of Bladerunner).
   StonePunk - Think the technologically advanced Flintstones.
   ClockPunk - Set in Renaissance, run by clockwork.
     There are all kinds of "-Punk" derivatives; use your imagination. Basically, it is a retro-futuristic alternative history set in different eras.  (I just bit my tongue!)
     I do want to stress that these are VERY BASIC DEFINITIONS, so if you are interested, do your own research & find (or create!) your own niche.
     I found this AtomPunk picture which totally fascinates me. I've always wanted one of those boomerang shaped coffee tables!
     Which "-Punk" interests you?

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