Tuesday, June 4, 2013


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This is the best picture I could find online to show you some of the different colors of irises available. There are so many colors, about anything you can imagine. Also, I read on one site that there are no black irises, but I know I had seen one, so I found it in a search and present it to you, my friend...



  1. OMG! And it took me almost 10 days to even see this post! Sorry about taking so long - I have been neglecting all blogs, not just yours (mine, too)!

    I LOVE the black iris! I remember as a kid, my next door neighbors were from Holland and had a LOT of tulips in their front yard, including some black ones.

    Thanks for posting these!

  2. I figured you would see it eventually! :) This picture doesn't even show all the color choices but it is an idea.. Oh I love tulips.. Gonna plant some this fall all over.. For now I wanna concentrate on roses, rhododendron, & lavender. A pal told me that lavender deters scorpions, so of course, I am gonna plant it EVERYWHERE!!


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