Wednesday, June 12, 2013


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                                                        check them out here.

     Well, I have been doing busy work for my writing. I am getting my stuff for No One left To Die together for July Camp.
     Then I had another brainstorm for a story that will consolidate alot of my story ideas-- and of course, I couldn't find what I was looking for... Well, being a minimalist sure is a blessing. I don't have that much stuff, and my papers are in 2 file carrying cases- so I found it pretty quick. I consolidated the files I was thinking of, and am in the middle of writing up master notes for the story. This will be a fun one...
     Still re-editing DESDINOVA for print. Somehow my file got corrupted, and random sentences are underlined. So I have to pay attention to that. Plus, I am trying to do a thorough job on it. I would like it done before July..
     Now that the moving drama is settled, I am getting back to my writing, and it feels good. I missed it. It felt like something important was missing in my life, and I felt incomplete..
     I also signed the Rebel Writer's Creed.
                           Happy Writing, all...


  1. It's good that you are going to offer Desdinova in print. A lot of people still don't like e-readers. I prefer to hold a book as well, and enjoy looking at the covers, especially if they depict aspects of the story.

    I will have to check your IWSG link. It sounds useful. I've been neglecting my blog and my writing lately, so maybe it will kick start me.

    1. I agree, it needs to be in print. There are a few good bloghops I do, that you might enjoy, I will have to email them... Also, there is July Camp NaNoWrimo.. It makes me feel more creative to visit all the different blogs, and connect with other writers.


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