Sunday, June 2, 2013


 A friend thinned out her iris patch and gave me about 200 bearded iris bulbs! Well, you know me -- I have spent the past few days planting them all over the property. More FREE flowers!! Fortunately, it has been pouring rain all day & last night, so they are well watered. Next year this place will be fantabulous! I have no idea what colors they will be, so it will be interesting to find out -- IF we get to stay here, that is. By the way, the photo is just one I found on the web. But we have some like it. And IF we stay -- next, I get to thin out our own irises and replant them. More FREE flowers! Glory be. Hope your day is blooming...


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    1. Oh grief, girl! There are so many colors of irises: yellow, white, blue, purple, apricot, even black! And many designer colors and mixture of colors! Some can get pretty expensive. I got a fancy iris catalog this year and drooled over it for a bit before I threw it out, horrified by the prices.. I love them all. There are alot of yellow ones locally that catch our eye...


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