Saturday, December 14, 2013


Time to celebrate the small things. This is a bloghop.
     Well hello there! Here I am on an actual Friday, celebrating! What am I celebrating, you ask? Well I am celebrating that the Verizon guy just left here and looks like he fixed the internet problem! WAHOO!! I was definitely holding my last breath on that one...
     I am doing a lot of embroidery lately and enjoying it. I haven't done any in a very long time, and had forgotten how much fun it is...
     Hezekiah kitty just jumped up to say hi to everyone and lay his butt in my face. He is definitely a desk kitty. I really need a very large desk for all my kittys, and one tiny little space for me to work on... I am holding on to the corner of the desk here! But I do love them.
(P.S. Well I was celebrating too happily as I got cut off once again and couldn't post. Thankfully it was saved in drafts... So maybe if I don't celebrate too loudly & wake up the internet gremlins, I will be able to post this...)


  1. What a relief to have the Verizon guy fix your problem! I'm celebrating 1.) living at the beach in California, 2.) finding out my tooth does not have to be pulled--it's a sinus infection!, and 3.) having my YA horror story, Death House, get accepted for publishing (woo hoo!), and the release of my short story, "Christmas After All" in A Touch of Winter anthology. Happy Holidays!
    ~Carole Avila

    1. WOW! Great things to celebrate!! I love doing anthologies. Good luck!

  2. Glad your problem is fixed ;) YAY Verizon guy!

    1. It is doing better, but I am afraid to be too happy about it coz it is still a little ornery..


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