Wednesday, December 25, 2013


     Christmas music. The quickest way to get me to hightail it out of anywhere. So sappy, and commercial. But I have found that there is a place for it, and that is in the home and in the heart. It is more commonly used as a weapon these days against harried and stressed out holiday shoppers. It does not enhance the mood of Christmas shopping. Usually the only Christmas music I listen to is a Christmas cd made by one of my friends, Shannon. Beautiful. I love her voice. Here is a link to check out her music. And here.
     Well this year, I happened to pick up a Mahalia Jackson Christmas cd. And then an Elvis one. I will be on the search for Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash. Yeah, the traditional & homey music. Played at the right time, in the right place, to enhance the season. It fits. Please, consumer traps (i.e. "stores"). Please leave the Christmas music until Christmas Eve & Day. Please don't start playing it before we even finish Thanksgiving leftovers.
     If you are one of the people that enjoy Christmas music all year round, then carry on. But personally, I prefer it only played at Christmas.
     What is your favorite Christmas music?
          Happy Holidays (Holidaze, Howlidaze, however you celebrate it) to everyone across the globe...

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