Friday, December 20, 2013


Time to celebrate the small things. This is a bloghop.
     Greetings, gentle readers... Well this is the time of year to celebrate family, and the memories have been scrolling thru my mind lately. I remember the aunts and uncles, some respectable married folk, some young and full of the devil. All approachable and loving. And all the cousins. I had a million cousins. still do, minus a few. But the ones who are gone are still the same in my memories. Jimmy and Terry, who died young. Passed a schoolbus on their way to school and hit a car head on. It was hard for the family, and their mother never got over it, of course. She has gone to join them now. They were our age, so it was hard to comprehend. That young, you always think you were invincible and have the gift of life eternal. I wonder what they would have grown up to be? They loved baseball. Obsessed by it. When they came over, they would bring their baseball stuff and we would play. I got a blue catchers mitt, just because of them. I think of my family a lot, especially as I get older, and am grateful to have had them all in my life. And when I dream, I always dream of the ones who have passed on already. When I dream of the whole family together, we are in one house -- but the ones who have passed are only in another room, and we all are still together. God might have called some of them Home, but I have never let them go. So I want to wish my whole family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I want to wish all the new young'uns in the family the best of luck in this uncertain world. If anyone can make it, they can.
     Happy Holidaze to all out there in Blogland. Be safe.


  1. Happy Holidays! And I agree, family is still there with us in all we do.


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