Wednesday, December 4, 2013


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     Well, life has conspired against me settling in my hobbit hole to write. But I steal moments here and there when I can. It is very frustrating, but I can't get too upset. Life is meant to be lived. And when it demands attention like it has here lately, all you can do is comply. I still have my creativity. I still have my WIPs. And I can brainstorm while waiting for appointments or driving. And when time comes back to woo me, I will be able to spend more time on writing. Now is not the time to be a demon for me. I am signed up for NaNoFiMo to finish the WIP I have continued from gothno to NaNo and now to this. It is coming out well. I have learned to just type it up from the start, as it takes too long to handwrite then type. Also I have just written and submitted another installment for Jennifer Eaton's ongoing story. It will post in January. It is a fun story to participate in. If any of you writers are interested in joining the fun, check it out!
     Happy Writing, all...
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  1. Sometimes those little moments are all we have. If you're feeling creative, just continue to grab what you can!

    1. True. I guess I should take time to celebrate the holidays with what family I have left to celebrate it with. This year I realized that our family group is getting smaller and smaller. I am still writing in stolen little patches, & I am doing a lot of embroidery, so I am feeding my creativity still. Happy Holidays.


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