Wednesday, April 10, 2013



     Lucifer was running for his sanity. He was even tempted to call Heaven and beg forgiveness. Who would have thought a few little hippies would be so much trouble? It wouldn't have been so bad if they'd had the grace to suffer like all the other lost souls. But what did they do? They organized. They protested. They danced through the flames and chanted. They marched on Lucifer for better conditions. They had a freaking party!
     It was more than one fallen angel could bear. So much for being Lord and Master, it was not all that it was cracked up to be. He would rather wash all the toilets in Heaven for Eternity than try to make sense of one more hippie.
     This is how he found himself at St. Peter's Gate, head bowed, pitchfork in hand.
     St. Peter raised his eyebrow.
     "Took you long enough. The Big Guy's been waiting. He's in His office."
     Lucifer presented himself before his Lord Almighty, sitting on His Holy Throne.
     He was in luck that day.
     The Porcelain Throne was backed up...
          THE END.
--by Shayla Kwiatkowski


  1. I LOVE THIS!! Your creativity knows no bounds.

    1. THANKS Jai! That makes me feel good. I have so many ideas for stories that if I didn't write them up as short stories, I would go crazy- and certainly never finish them in this life.

  2. Clever and entertaining post. Mucho good fun. Thanks for a good read from a brand new blogger. I'm learning so much from you guys.

    1. Glad you visited! I checked out your blog and you have some really good thought-provoking posts. Happy blogging!

  3. Creative and entertaining! What more could a reader want. Looks like you're enjoying the A to Z challenge. :)

    Sherrey at Healing by Writing


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