Thursday, April 25, 2013


Here is a little one-act play I wrote. 

          Vampire 1
          Vampire 2
          Vampire 3
          Wanna-be Girl

Setting: Gothic room, dark & heavy atmosphere, candles everywhere. Characters dressed as gothic Vampires.
Characters enter room, Wanna-be trailing. Lead Vampire holding paper application. The Girl is excited, the Vampires are silent.

     GIRL: "Hey, I wanna thank you all for accepting my 
     application. I think it's cool that you advertise online for
     new clan members. (LOOKS AROUND) Hey, where's the
     rest of you? Will I get to meet them after the interview?
     How many are there?"
     "I am like so into the whole vampire thing, it really turns
     me on. And, like, I love the night, it's so mysterious, and

VAMPIRE 1 beckons GIRL to sit in chair. The vampires lounge around. 

     VAMPIRE 1: "And did you tell anyone where you were
     going? We do have to maintain our privacy, you
     GIRL: "Oh sure! I understand! No, I didn't tell anyone. I
     don't have any friends anyway, I mean, this podunk town I
     come from? It's like so... colonial or something. The people
     there are just like too normal, you know? No, I just
     sneaked out after my parents were asleep and got on the
     bus. It was real easy, just like you said. But what a trip! I
     swear I never want to travel by bus for any distance again.
     I'm stiff and sore all over!"

VAMPIRES come closer, stroking her hair & skin, restless, circling...

     VAMPIRE 2: "And you haven't contacted anyone since you
     GIRL: "Nope, just like you asked." (VAMPS EXCHANGE
     GLANCES.) "I want to prove my worthiness to you. I've
     made my life's decision, left it all behind. There's no one
     I'll miss anyway, except maybe my little sister. She's
     alright sometimes. But mostly she's like a real pain, ya
     "Yeah, I'm sure about this. I really want this. So how does
     this go, huh? Do we all live together? Do we sleep in
     coffins? That would be so cool. Is the rest of the house all
     decorated like this?" (LOOKS AROUND).  "You really set
     the atmosphere, this is awesome. Do you really drink
     blood? Where do you get it?"

VAMPS still stroking , bending closer. GIRL shifts nervously.

     GIRL: "So am I accepted or what? When will I find out? I
     mean, I don't have anyplace to stay or anything..."
     VAMPIRE 3: "And what is your bloodtype, child?"
     GIRL: "Uh, I don't know. Does it matter?"

VAMPIRE 1 stands behind GIRL, pulls out small dagger.

     VAMPIRE 1: "Blood always matters, little one. Our website
     may have been a little... misleading. You see... We're
     accepting applications for..." (BENDS DOWN AND
     LOWERS VOICE) "...blood donors."

VAMPIRE 1 neatly cuts GIRL's throat before she can react. We see the surprise on her face.
The other VAMPIRES take out their own small daggers and slice a wrist each. All 3 bend to drink.

     VAMPIRE 2: "Mmm. Hot and salty, just the way I like it."
     (LICKS LIPS). "O Positive, do you think?"
     VAMPIRE 3: "Definately O Positive."

They feed. Fade to black.
          THE END.
--by Shayla Kwiatkowski



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