Monday, April 15, 2013



     One fine spring day, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Robert Bluebird flew in to start a family in their usual birdhouse. Imagine their surprise to find it completely gone! Mrs. Bluebird hopped from branch to branch in consternation, chirping frantically. Mr. Bluebird sat on the post the house had been on and ruminated. It didn't do any good to fuss about it, because it just plain wasn't there! So he decided to look around to see if he could find another home to placate Mrs. Bluebird, as she was anxious to build their nest.
     Mr. Bluebird led Mrs. Bluebird to the birdfeeder, which was still in its usual place. Then he girded his tailfeathers and flew around to investigate. He found that all the other birdhouses already had tenants. Not only that, but they were proudly building their nests in brand new houses!
     He flew further afield to see if there were any more prospects, with no luck at all. He sadly flew back to where he left the little Missus to tell her the unfortunate news.
     He could hear his wife chirping excitedly as he flew back. He flew as fast as he could to come to her aid. He whizzed around the corner and beheld a Human hammering a brand new birdhouse in place where the old one had been. He could see another bluebird couple creeping closer to claim the new home. He knew that Mrs. Bluebird was too shy to confront them. Mr. Bluebird pumped his wings even faster and landed on top of the house even before the Human was halfway down the ladder. Mrs. Bluebird flew over triumphantly with a twig in her mouth to start the nest.
     "What took you so long?" she chirped.
     "Better late than never," he answered sagely.
     He looked over to the other bluebird couple, still frustrated in the tree.
     "We'll laugh about this later," he said by way of greeting.
     And they surely did, after the Human had put up a few new birdhouses in the area. The bluebirds were very happy that year, and many new bluebird babies were the result of that.
          THE END.
--by Shayla Kwiatkowski

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