Tuesday, April 30, 2013


     Today's post is about a fun thing I took part in a few years ago -- Thrill The World.
     I had fun going to the (FREE!) lessons to learn Michael Jackson's Thriller Dance. You can learn them online from videos at different speeds, & you can order a DVD, or find a class near you. It was a free exercise class and camaraderie of interesting people. You can search You Tube for instructions & to see posted videos of groups doing the dance as well.
     On Saturday, October 26 of this year, all over the world groups of fun-minded people will join in the dance, all at the same time (times adjusted for each timezone) to try and set a new world record.
     Check out the website for a class & event near you.
     Maybe you will find yourself in zombie threads this year!
     My feet still want to start moving whenever I hear Thriller start up. It always makes me smile. I am sure everyone that ever took place in this feels the same way. Maybe they will come up with a syndrome for all us Thriller dancers!
     Just remember at the end of the dance to HOLD THAT POSE until Vincent Price stops laughing!


  1. ahahaha this sounds like fun. Here in SLC they have an annual zombie crawl that one of my co-workers participated in.

    People dressed up like zombies invade downtown and stay in character all day.

    Congrats on an A-Z win.

    1. CONGRATS to you too! And the Zombie Crawl sounds fabulous! I am missing out on zombie flashdances, and practices, and Thrill The World by not being in St Pete where they take their zombies seriously!


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