Friday, April 26, 2013


                         This is a one-act play I wrote.

                                 WOLFINGTON ARMS

     *Desk clerk/Manager

A high class hotel in a dark part of town. Luxurious & elegant. Bellhop is reading a newspaper, as the Manager straightens things behind the desk.

          BELLHOP: "Full moon tonight."
          MANAGER: "Are the rooms ready?"
          BELLHOP: "As well as the cellar."
          MANAGER: "Good."

They continue in silence. The door opend with a "ding" & a very well dressed businessman comes in, carrying a briefcase. They both snap to attention as he comes over to the desk.

          MANAGER: "Good evening, Sir. How may we help     
          CUSTOMER: "I'd like a room for the night, please."
          MANAGER: "First class or Subterranean?"
          CUSTOMER: "First class."
          MANAGER: "Very well. Please sign the register."

The customer signs the register with an expensive pen from his breast pocket. He opens a wallet stuffed with credit cards & pulls out some large bills.

          CUSTOMER: "I trust this will be sufficient?"
          MANAGER: "Quite.. (looking at register) ...Mr., ah,
The Manager snaps his fingers & the bellhop presents himself to the customer.

          BELLHOP: "May I carry your briefcase, Mr. Wolf?"

The customer hands over his briefcase.

          BELLHOP: "Follow me, Sir."

The Bellhop taps the walls as he passes.

          BELLHOP: "Soundproof."

The Customer follows the Bellhop as he unlocks a door to a heavily padded room with chains on the wall. With great dignity & nonchalance, the Customer removes his clothes until he is standing in his underwear. He folds them neatly & places them on a chair.
The Bellhop stands waiting with the chains.

          BELLHOP: "Your arms, Sir..."

Customer allows himself to be chained to the wall.

          BELLHOP: "Will you be requiring anything else, Sir?"
          CUSTOMER: "No thank you."
          BELLHOP: "Very well, Sir. Thank you for choosing the
          Wolfington Arms for your shapeshifting needs. We
          hope you enjoy your stay."

Bellhop walks out & locks door. Customer waits patiently for full moon to rise.
                    THE END

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