Monday, July 1, 2013


Hey all! Well, today starts Camp NanoWriMo. My friend Jaileen is in a cabin with me, so it will be fun!
     I have to do gardening in the morning before it gets too hot here. I have so much to do. I am taking out a lot of trees along the woods-line, that won't have enough room to grow there. I plan to put rhododendrons there. It gets real hot here, so I have been only working short bits here and there.
     I also am still getting more roadside flowers, today it was Queen Anne's Lace. Tomorrow I need to find Black-eyed Susans and more of the orange roadside lilies.. I found a rural spot where they really need thinning out, so that makes me feel better!
     I have gotten 2 new Cinnamon Basil plants- I really love them, and we use it all the time in cooking & salads. It is my favorite basil. I got a new lush catnip plants for the kitties-- repotted all 3 this morning. I still have to put a Mint & Lantana in the ground..
     Oh, here is an interesting little fact.. In Florida, I was used to Lantana living forever, and growing all wild and pretty. Well, I found out that here in north Georgia, it is considered an annual & dies every year! Darn, I really love Lantana.. So I rescued a clearance one yesterday (after waiting all summer for the 2 I planted last year to come back), and at least I will have one.
     I hope everyone's lives are full of flowers and joy.
     HAPPY WRITING to all you fellow campers out there!

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