Friday, July 26, 2013


Time to celebrate the small things. This is a bloghop.
     So today I want to celebrate my cats, who took me in as their own, overlooking my human frailties, and look out for me. And I want to celebrate the rain, that nourishes the earth and makes things grow. I want to celebrate plants that
propagate easily by cuttings. And I want to celebrate "downtime", that we all need sometimes, and which has taken me over today. It must be the rain, but I feel more like I am melting into a puddle of goo. Just when I feel I am so tired I can't go on, one of my cats comes to give me purrs and lovies. And the rain continues to fall...
     A passive celebration. An acceptance. What have you accepted lately?


  1. Sometimes those passive celebrations are the best kind. My celebration post was full of simple pleasures too (one of mine was that it stopped raining though!)

  2. You have to enjoy downtime when you have it. And how nice to share it with your cats!

  3. Those are all great things to celebrate. Your cats sound really amazing.

  4. Aww, yay for pets. My dog is always here to cheer me up :)

  5. Yeah my furbabies are pretty awesome... except when they were being buttheads at 6 am this morning. Sure didn't like that! And Sarah- simple pleasures are simply wonderful! :D

  6. Ah it is like that with cats isn't it, feeling taken in. Lovely!


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