Friday, July 19, 2013


Time to celebrate the small things. This is a bloghop.
     Well the mountains called me home this week... It was like someone slapped me on the hiney and told me to RUN!! The mountains are beautiful as ever, I even remembered their outlines in my heart.. Wonderful visit with my brother and we are now texting regular and realigning our memories.. One good thing about having an unusual upbringing, is that it is highly entertaining in our old age...
     I have been MIA for everything as I recover from this road trip. Getting too old to play road warrior, but it won't stop me. I am supposed to be doing Camp NaNoWriMo with my friend and cabinmate Jai-- sorry about that Jaileen!
     So I want to celebrate family, the mountains that patiently await the return of its sons & daughters, and my silly brother who hasn't changed a bit! I also want to celebrate patient friends (ahem: Jai!!!)
     Also I want to celebrate Jennifer Eaton's Write a Story with me, which just celebrated its first anniversary with my installment #52, which I will post tomorrow.
     Happy celebrations all around... 


  1. Family and mountains are definitely worth celebrating. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  2. Ah how lovely family and mountains are great celebrations. How fun to reminisce with your bro!

  3. How wonderful to reconnect with a sibling! Have a great weekend!


  4. Getting away, especially into nature, can be the best thing in the world. Lovely post. Writer’s Mark


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