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     Well, I am still editing. Also I have been digging thru writing files and pulling out all my WIPs so I can just finish them. I want to get them written, and then start on YA, which is what I always wanted to do-- but these stories must be told! I am thinking of adapting one for YA.. July Camp Nano has started, & I am working on a YA book for that. I have pretty much written on it. I am getting more organized here & settling back in. What is YOUR WIP??


  1. Hi Shayla, I found your blog through ISWG. My WIP is a women's fiction novel and I'm deep into the editing process now, hoping to see some light at the end of the tunnel soon! Enjoy your July Camp Nano, sound like fun :)

  2. Hey Cabin mate!!

    My WIP is about a young woman who discovers the mother she thought was dead is really alive. Slight problem, her mother is an evil sorceress.

  3. Good luck on Camp Nano! I just finished 50k for JuNoWriMo. My WIP is a YA fantasy/adveture story that involves pirates and evil rulers. I have about 10k left of the first draft.

  4. Hope you complete July Nano!My WIP is the second and third novellas in my YA series I'm writing :)
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe


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