Friday, July 12, 2013


Time to celebrate the small things. This is a bloghop.
Well, hello there. This week, I am still celebrating Nature in all its grace and glory. I am still working on getting this property to match my vision, and have been feeling pretty whipped by it. It is so much work. I want to celebrate all the little plants I put out this week, and all the cuttings a friend gave me- if they root, then half my work will be done. I am still crossing my fingers over them. When I am feeling low over it, I just go out and walk around -- and see that it is good. I AM getting somewhere, and it is along my line of vision. Slowly but surely, Mother Nature is making room for me.
But, boy is it hot out. We had a lot of rain recently, which is a blessing. But a few trees are already changing their colors to their fall wardrobe. I am so ready for fall, though I have a lot to do before then. But cooler weather would be welcomed. I am not ready for winter, the woodpile is not replenished. I hate the cold! Though I know the flower bulbs needs it to bloom.
And as always, I celebrate my best little kitty friends, Greta, Hezekiah & Tallulah.
Any Celebrations out there?


  1. Always celebrate the kitties! They make the world so much better. Plus, if you like cats, you have to watch this youtube video, we regularly quote it in our house :)
    Sad Cat Diary

  2. Nature is definitely a good celebration, and in this weather I am out enjoying it more!

  3. I hope you get closer to your vision soon. One thing I'm not good at is the upkeep once I've reached where I wanted. I could enjoy the hot weather for quite a while longer. :) Writer’s Mark

  4. Yay for nature. And the sun makes it so much better :)


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