Saturday, July 20, 2013


       So my installment of Write a story with me has just posted on, celebrating her first anniversary of her blog. Please visit her blog if you are interested in writing installments. To visit my installment go here.


Natalia raised her eyes.
“I know quite well what is and what shall be… When I found my family gone, I despaired and threw myself off the Southern Ridge. As I fell, a cellular memory opened the Portal, and I know full well who I am.  The Prophecy of the Seer Desdinova is fulfilled: We will share the child, and he will know the stations of his birth. Blood of Mother and Child must be spilled on the roots of the Sacred Gleaming Tree so it will bloom in multicolor and heal the Necrotic Zone. The Palace of Fae will rise again in the world of Man, and both races will be reunited as they once were.”
Queen Morath embraced her longlost kinswoman, Natalia.
“It is done, child. I have buried the afterbirth amongst the roots. Let there be Peace.”
Yoran struggled uselessly against his bonds.
“I throw myself upon your mercy! I did not know! Natalia, you are my only Guiding Star! I choose my family!”
Sian looked at Yoran in disbelief.
“Father!” she cried.
“Oh Sian, my beloved,” he sobbed. “Please forgive me, I didn’t know!”
Queen Morath smiled.
“All is as it should be. Release them and we will make merry until Evensong.”
Their bonds dissolved and the family reunited. All of a sudden, Yoran shouted.
“Wait! I must confess the real reason the Establishment wants the Fae eradicated!”
All eyes turned toward him expectantly.
Ashamed, he hung his head.
“It is simply a matter of real estate.”


  1. Awesome!! You have such a wonderful voice and imagination.

    Now I better get off the interwebs and do some writing.

    See you at Camp.

  2. THANKS Jai!!! Really needed that! I better get back to writing too. Your wordcounts are awesome! I am a slacker!


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