Thursday, May 9, 2013


     I have fallen in love with birdsfoot violets! They grow wild around here and love dry rocky soil and disturbed areas. They grow like crazy on banks on the side of the roads. There are some not far from where I live and I have made a project of transplanting them into areas of my yard that I think they will be happy in. Then I made the mistake of researching online and supposedly they do not transplant well. Well I am here to tell you that they DO transplant well- they just need alot of water. With my first batch, they were wilting, but then we had 2 days of rain and they perked right up! So I will continue with my transplanting. I had never seen these before. I always have loved violets, but these just tickle me to see them all over the place around here! They have a spread that is unbelievable. The whole side of a hill or bank will just be covered in blue. Hope you enjoy them too!



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