Friday, May 24, 2013


 I am truly honored to be nominated for the Sunshine Award by my blogger friend Jaileen. Thanks mucho, Jaileen!
     And the rules for the Sunshine Award is to post the logo, thank the giver and link to their post (see above). Answer the 10 questions below, and nominate up to 10 other bloggers for the Sunshine award, letting them know in the comments section of their blog, & linking to their blogs. I am taking my time with this blogpost as I want to make sure I can nominate 10 worthy bloggers, and spread the love! (I will be updating this & adding more blogs within the next few days).
     Anyway, here are the questions:
1. Favorite color?
    All of them. All together. I love colors.
2. Favorite animal?
     =^.^= Cats!! Always & Forever.
3. Favorite Number?
     I guess 13. Not crazy about numbers, math is not my best subject! I have a mental block when it comes to numbers, since my 3rd grade teacher used to paddle me every day 2 licks for not having the math homework I couldn't understand- instead of teaching me, or assigning someone to help me.
4. Non-Alcoholic drink?
     Water & TEA! I love black teas.
5. Alcoholic drink?
     Red wine. Occasional beer. No hard liquor.
6. Facebook or twitter?
     I don't twitter. I use Facebook only for my family.
7. Passions?
     (Whenever I can build up enough energy that is): writing, reading, my cats, gardening. I like road trips.
8. Giving or receiving?
     Giving, if I have it. I have Delisions of Minimalism, so I am not looking for more stuff, unless it is something I can use.
9. Favorite city?
     I still love St. Petersburg, Florida. To refine that would be St. Pete Beach, Florida.
10. Favorite TV show?
     Not much of a TV person, but I do like Netflix. The shows I have enjoyed are: Dark Shadows, Bewitched, The Addams Family, The Glades, Miami Vice, CSI Miami, Dexter, Will & Grace, The Gates, Hemlock Grove.
          And I want to nominate these very worthy blogs:
          The Queen of Steampunk author Rae Gee!
          New & multi-talented author Noelle Macleod
          animal activist, cat rescue, & good friend Tara Rose


  1. I love tea but black tea upsets my tummy and green tea makes me break out. Herbal tea anyone?

    It is fun getting to know you better.
    = )

    1. It is fun getting to know you better, too, Jai! For me green tea is too dusty and flavorless. Makes me gag. I drink herbal teas on occasion, but I prefer black tea, it is invigorating! I miss tea parties with my grandma.

  2. Hehe just caught this! My apologies, my friend, and thank you so much! I shall have to get on to this. :)

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