Saturday, May 18, 2013


     Hmm, I bet you are wondering where I crept off to... Well, FYI, we are looking for another place to live. The move is on, somewhere local, same geographic area. Good grief, there is alot to do, for downsizing.. But it is time to move on, and I am kind of excited. I do have to get my plants and pots in order, figure out what I want to take with me. I want to get a few pots of the delightful birdsfoot violets, too. I planted the wisteria I grew from seed yesterday in the woods. I have planted this place up a lot, and it has been a pleasure. I hope whoever has it next enjoys it, and realizes what they have garden-wise. I also hope everything grows and flourishes, even if I never see it again.. I did it for Mother Nature after all...


  1. Karma - All the beauty you've spread for the next person will come back. Wait and see.

    I know you are busy with the move and all but I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Take your time and respond whenever. It took me several weeks to get the post down.

    Best wishes with the move.
    Moving is never easy. Ugh!

  2. FREAKIN AWESOME, Jai!! Thank you so much! I have never had an award before! *(dancing around in circle punching air)*


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