Monday, May 20, 2013


     Sure is interesting looking for a new home. Everyone you see, you imagine yourself living in it, mentally arranging your furniture, & figuring out which room will be yours...
     The first one we looked at, I call the "Shell Palace" -- it had pale pink tile on every floor throughout the place. And light pink/apricot walls. It was beautiful! It was like being in a seashell. It had a back porch where I could have had some potted plants. But it was an apartment, and really too small.
     The house we saw yesterday was awesome! It had foxgloves in the front garden, so of course, I dubbed it "Foxglove Manor"! I hope we get this one. For anyone that knows me, I have been fascinated with foxgloves for a while now, and to me, it is a sign! The extras include, swing on front porch, gas fireplace, huge back deck for potted plants (yup, that's me!), a fig tree, camellias, azaleas, roses, and oh yeah, FOXGLOVES! It is in a country area, and perfect for us..
     Stay tuned for the saga of the home search...


  1. Oh I will so keep my fingers crossed for you. It sounds wonderful!

  2. That one sounds perfect for you! Fingers crossed...


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