Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Last night my mighty warrior cat, Hezekiah woke me. He is part Siamese, even tho he is full grey, and he "talks". So I go out to inspect, and see a huge black scorpion smack dab in the middle of the kitchen floor! He was all battlestations and ready to fight, too! Hezzie was circling him, and I was yelling, "NO!NO!"- the other cats came running, so I quickly grabbed a paper towel and scooped him up and flushed him away... I was worried about my brave mighty hunter Hezzie, but he seemed unharmed. I gave him the last kitty treat for his valor, and all the praise I could muster at dark-thirty a.m....
     So I told Mom this morning, and she laughed it off and said that she can tell me from experience, a Georgia scorpion bite won't hurt you (having been stung before). Well, he sure was doing a good job of scaring me to death! I HATE those things! What if we'd stepped on it barefoot? What if it had stung my cats? What if Hez had caught it and carried it to my bed as a gift? (LaLaLa not thinking, destroy that thought! Lalalalala!!...)
   Good job, Hezekiah!!


  1. YIKES!!! That would scare the b'jebus out of me.
    I can't believe you picked it up.

    Your cat is cute, heroic and you are right, it could have ended up in bed with you 'cos you're such a great mom. Mom's deserve surprises now and then.

    ahahaha did I mention YIKES?!!

    1. This surprise I could do without! :) I am careful about watching where I step now, especially at night. (*shivers*).
      And yes, YIKES!!

  2. OMG I would have run around the house screaming!

    1. I was hollering pretty loud-- good thing mom is hard of hearing! I had to protect my babies or I would have acted helpless!


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